Saturday, September 12, 2009

Water crisis!

It seems that crisis of all sorts has become a part of our life in the college too.A few days back there was power cut due to which we had nothing to do (specially being an IT person) and now water seems to have betrayed us.As i woke up this morning ,i found people roaming all around the hostel with buckets and mugs dangling in their hands.It didn't take long to realize ,the cause of the pandamonium.Yes,we were hit by a water crisis!.
I too joined the long run but it was too late.There was no water in the hostel and then Ravi,Anand and I decided that we must venture out other halls for they should be our only rescue.We went to hall 6, the best of halls,but to our despair,the condition there was no good.
Finally we went to hall 3 and by God's grace, we could finally answer to Nature's call and take bath.. Oh! how do they live without water in some places? Come on folks,it's high time that start taking these things seriously.Use water wisely!