Thursday, December 22, 2016

Enabling VoLTE in Redmi 3S

I bought Redmi 3S recently.Though it is a VoLTE enabled handset,the signal is not shown. So on inserting the Jio Sim card, i couldn't see the VoLTE signal. To overcome this here's a small tweak : Go to Settings -> Sim cards and mobile networks -> Here you will find the sim cards 1 and 2 Go to the specific sim card where there is Jio Sim Next go to Access point names . Here you need to add a new APN with name as Jio 4G and APN as jionet Next go to more and save the settings. The APN will reset. You should be able to see the VolTE/HD sign now. If not, try changing the Access Point to something else and again switch back to the newly set Access Point. Voila! the VoLTE should be back.

It may happen that after this even if u disable mobile data it may not be disabled. So for that you need to go to the network settings as mentioned above and Restore default APN . Now you should have a working VoLTE as well as internet.

All the best.