Friday, July 30, 2010

Reverse Search!

I was just experimenting with some commands when i pressed the Ctrl + R button and i discovered a great feature in linux(ubuntu).
It's called reverse search and is similar to the history command . It gives you the most matched commands which you had typed on the terminal. So, explore it now and njoy!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

And this is my favourite sound theme

It's from the movie Braveheart , a masterpiece. The sound track has been composed by James Horner who also composed for movies like Titanic, Avatar,The Karate Kid...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Adding a new java library to Netbeans

hi, i needed to add a new java library to NetBeans so that it becomes easier to code. I just couldn't get it how to do it ,then finally i got the solution on irc.
here are the steps so that you don't feel harassed the next time :)

1. Save the folder in the home directory, e.g /home/yourloginname.
2. Now, open NetBeans, go to the Project you've created and there you'll find the Library. There you can add a new Jar file .
3. To add the docs you need Library Manager which is under Tools. There in the Javadoc tab you can add the doc folder.
4.. Then you also need to add this folder under the same library package as you added the Jar file
That's it , njoy coding .
Hope that was useful. :)


hello, i wanted to make a bot for our channel on IRC . At first i thought that Perl would be quite useful and is the most preferred language specially for this purpose but why learn new semantics when Java is at rescue? Yes, there is this pirbot module in java which has all the functionalities to help you build it.
Thanks Java :)

P.S: It's always better btw if you learn more languages. I was in a hurry though.