Friday, November 13, 2009

any problem when updating to new firefox in fedora?

hello! this time i am going to tell u all about a problem which i faced recently while updating to the new firefox 3.5 from an older version in fedora 10 . Well , i downloaded the .tar file from the official site and extracted it but when i tried to run the firefox file inside that folder, nothing seemed to happen! I thought the read me file might be useful but it didn't provide any help either.So i searched the net but didn't get any satisfying answers .Finallly i removed the older version through yum and then ran the same firefox file again and this time i succeeded!
The next problem i faced was that the quick launch icon on my desktop couldn't find any such process so i followed as:
System->Preferences->Look and Feel->Main Menu->Internet
then right click on the firefox option and on the properties part add the path to the new firefox file in the command option
and there you go!

hope this was useful

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