Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Cup that matters!

Really thrilled today as most of you are after we won the all important battle.. yes the cup that matters the most is finally with us, and we can now proudly say that yes we are the CHAMPIONS of the cricketing world.

It was a dream come true and perhaps the only achievement left to achieve for the greatest cricketer on Earth, the great Sachin Tendulkar. What hasn't he done for the INDIAN cricket!! and aptly Virat Kohli says, "..he has carried the INDIAN cricket on his shoulders for the past 21 years and we are just carrying him on our shoulders for sometime.." after the historic win.

I believe what Gary and Dhoni have done and made this INDIAN cricket team is remarkable specially after all the controversies under Greg Chappel era. Gary now seems just another INDIAN .. :)
The attitude of MSD is immense and you could sense it with the way he ended the match, the way he spoke and silenced the critics by his bat.. as they say.. "bite is more effective than the bark"!

For us(me and all those in 2007-2011 batch) it couldn't have been a better adieu to our golden period of life. They won it for us when we entered this phase and they gifted us with even a bigger Cup when we are about to embark on the Corporate journey of our lives.
Often we used to cherish the moments when we won the T-20 world cup only to relive it now even in a bigger style.
I once again feel honoured to be an INDIAN and can proudly say to have lived in an era where GOD lived amongst us.

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