Monday, February 7, 2011

The Beginnning of Another End

It gives me immense pleasure to say that Mukti 11.2 ended in great spirits- The spirit of Openness and collaboration, contribution and encouragement.
Sadly it was my last Mukti as a co-ordinator but indeed the journey's been memorable.
Day 1:
Mukti 11.2 started with speeches from our Director and teachers who promoted foss. We had some wonderful speakers like Rahul Sundaram who started the day with workshop on RPM packaging .There was a great turn out and the workshop was very informative.
This was followed by some events. Later in the evening we had the workshop on Python programming(basics) by Kushal Das
Day 2:
The second day there were talks on Python Programming(advanced)by Kushal and then later Shilip Gupta gave some tips on Fundamentals of Programming.
Late in the evening i had the prelims of my event ,InCanity. Thanks to all for the great response. Only 1 of the qualifying team -"Madmen"( which ultimately were the winners) could correctly answer the question : "Importance of keyword volatile in C " . It left me wondering was it that uncommon??
Day 3:
At 10:00 am we started off with the finals of InCanity which was quiet interesting especially with teams competing to get the shortest code in a question.
Meanwhile we had workshop on System Programming in Python by Kushal.
In the afternoon we had talk on QML by Shantanu Tushar Jha following by Shreyank's workshop on Ruby on Rails.
After this we started off with closing ceremony by giving away the prizes for various events, with the best moments coming with Shreyank, DJing. Oh! take away his phone and he's helpless :)
Overall it was a great success, thank you all for being part of it.
Looking forward for Mukti 12.2


  1. Why did you give its name like 12.2 ?

  2. @praveen: Well for the same reason why we named it 11.2 but it's upto the juniors now to decide that :)