Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Installing NS2 in Ubuntu gets easy

Hi friends, the following is one of the easy procedures to get ns2 (Network Simulator) running on Ubuntu:
1.Download the .rar file form here.
2. Now extract it (u need unrar programme for that).
3. You would find some .deb packages. Just right click on each and choose "Open with Package Installer".
4. Open the terminal and type: ns . If you see a % sign then you have successfully installed ns2
5. Now to test the simulator, type in terminal : ns example.tcl and a simulator should pop up.(You need to write a sample tcl for this or you may donwload the example tcl file from here).
That's it , congratulations,you have installed ns2 without much hasstles i suppose. :)

1. While installing the packages with the package manager, some error messages may come , so leave those packages, and proceed with next and then come back to it.

2. A tutorial on ns and tcl can be accessed here.
3. Through the above method one won't be able to edit the source code of ns , so for that one can downlaod the ns-allinone RC7 from here . Extract it and do ./install . Then one needs to add some path variables in ~/.bashrc file (you will be told after the install process) and then run ./validate inside the ns folder

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